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Energy audit

Maxima Energy provides complex energy audit of enterprises and organizations.

For our clients we carry out appraisals of the fuel and energy resources efficiency, together with development of optimal energy saving programs.

When considering energy saving, the first stage is the study of efficient use of energy resources at areas of consumption. Then, the efficiency of energy transportation is considered. Finally, optimization of energy production is carried out to define the necessary and the sufficient volume of energy. Maxima Energy employs certified auditors with longstanding experience in implementation of projects of power audit in all territory of Russia.

Our experts conduct complex energy survey of the enterprises of the customer, establish the reasons of losses, provide recommendations for their decrease, and calculate expected economic effect and realistic investment return periods.

When developing the report on energy audit, specialists of our company offer methods of project financing at the expense of the "internal" income, which is formed with reduction of gross consumption of power carriers, reducing acquisition costs for the customer. Complex examination of energy consumption at the site provides considerable effect and promotes the maximum decrease in operating expenses of the enterprise.